Test Automation (Selenium)

Test Automation Selenium Training

The coin always has a two side. Same applies to IT also. If there are developers by learning the above-mentioned technologies or any other technologies, there should be a tester or a testing team to validate the product and its quality. If you don’t want to be a programmer but still want to be placed in an IT firm? Then this is the right opportunity to be grabbed. Learn Test automation with the best ever industry experts and create an excellent career path for you.

Why Test Automation?

  • Almost 9 out of 10 IT major companies don’t have development projects. They only have maintenance and testing projects. If you know testing aspects and test automation you have a bright career in IT.
  • And now the testing has taken another new dimension. Most of the companies recruit test automation developers in order to perform the testing operation done by humans.
  • Consider the below scenario: A typical IT industry like Infosys, TCS or any other major firm is charging 3000 US Dollars for an employee who has around 0-2 years experience.

3000 USD= 2 lakhs approx

    And the employee will be paid around 20-30 thousand per month.

    This was the case so far. Now the companies have taken a decision to cost cutting. Since most of the projects are testing projects they have decided to make it automated so that a two or three automation developers are enough to do the work of 10 manual testers.  A simple program written with Java can perform an operation within a minute.

Considering the above situation it would be wiser to learn test automation.

  • Design Experts is the only company in Trichy to train the students on Test Automation.
  • Learn from the Test Automation Developer from a reputed IT firm.
  • Develop Test Automation scripts to perform your day to day activities.
  • Most wanted role in IT industries now so learn from the best.

Introduction to Test Automation

  • What is Automation Testing?
  • Why Automation Testing is in Demand?
  • Tools available for Automation
  • Selenium History, Version and Flavors Available in market
  • Selenium Features, Limitation and Comparison with others tool
  • Java, Eclipse, Selenium Download and Installation

Introduction to Java

  • Java Introduction
  • Java Architecture
  • First Program in Java
  • Data types
  • Class
  • Object
  • Methods
  • Keywords in Java
  • Package

Loops, Decision and Exception Handling

  • Loops
  • Decision Statements
  • Exception Handling

Inheritance, Collections and External File Reading

  • Inheritance
  • Collection API
  • External file reading

Automation using Selenium Web driver and Java

  • Selenium Project Creation
  • Create first Selenium Script
  • Working with Firefox Browser
  • Working with Chrome Browser
  • Install Firebug for Selenium
  • Different locator for Selenium
  • Working with Textbox, password fields.
  • Working with radio button, checkbox
  • Handle dropdowns
  • How to work with file uploader.
  • Handle Alerts
  • Mouse Hover event in Selenium
  • Implicit Wait, Explicit Wait in Selenium.
  • Capture Screenshots in Selenium
  • Discussion on Testing frameworks like JUnit and TestNg

Weekend Classes (Sat-Sun): 6 weeks

10.00AM to 04.00PM

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