PHP Web App Development Training

PHP Web App Development Training

Once upon a time, there were console applications. And now the entire apps are moving towards the web due to the advent growth of the Internet.If you want to check your mail, do you carry the laptop in which you have created the account?

No isn’t it.

Because that would be very dumb. Thanks to web applications. They have made our day to day activities easier. Because they have given the option to be accessed anywhere anytime without any trouble provided you have an internet connection. Such is the power of Web applications.

Why web application development?

  • You know Google that’s the only reason we are writing this content and you are reading it. Google is an internet supergiant. Have any seen any of the products from Google needs to be installed in your computer to be used? No right, except for Chrome all you need is a URL to access it. Whether it be Google or Youtube or Gmail or Blogger or Maps or whatever. All you need is a URL. Do you know why Google hasn’t developed any desktop applications? Because they it’s going to be obsolete and Google will not create products which are soon going to die. Now you know the power of web applications.
  • Web applications development has paved a new path to a whole new vertical called E-Commerce.
  • Web applications are real time and in a huge demand. Learn it and create demand for yourself in the global market.
  • Design Experts is the leading web applications development companies in Trichy.
  • We use PHP (The leading server side scripting language) for developing the web applications.
  • We will not teach you PHP instead we will help you develop web applications with the help of PHP.
  • We will walk you through the web server concepts used by industries which you cannot even learn in your Engineering and from rest of the institutes.
  • Learn to develop applications like cab booking (OLA, Uber), classifieds (OLX, Quikr), Project management, School management, Payroll processing and so on.
  • No prior coding skills needed. Willingness to learn is enough.
  • Deploy the web application for free on our server.

Introduction of Web & PHP

  • What is PHP?
  • The history of PHP
  •  Why choose PHP?

CMS Basics

Framework Installation

Creating a Login/Registration Web App

Real-time projects

Weekdays(Mon-Fri) : 8 weeks

10.00AM to 11.30AM

12.00PM to 01.30PM

02.30PM to 04.00PM

04.30PM to 06.00PM

06.30PM to 08.00PM

Weekend Classes (Sat-Sun): 6 weeks

10.00AM to 04.00PM

Schedule does not suit you?