.NET Training

.NET Training

If you want a complete framework where you can create applications for web and console in a rapid manner, then Microsoft has a killer framework and that is.NET!


  • Best and easy framework developed so far.
  • One of the tough competitors for Java is C#.
  • Has all the abilities just like JAVA.
  • Developed by none other than the Microsoft.
  • Spend time only for the logic, .NET has all the forms and controls built, just drag and drop.
  • You will have a different learning experience.
  • You will be developing products rather than studying the architecture of.NET.
  • Get to know the awesome hacks on how the rapid application development is happening in real world.
  • All these are for a very low and affordable cost.

C# .Net

  • Introduction
  • .Net Framework
  • OOPs
  • GUI Programming
  • Seralization
  • ADO.Net
  • Assemblies
  • Multithreading
  • Crystal Reports

ASP .Net

  • Introduction
  • Server Controls
  • Masterpage
  • Site Navigation
  • XML Programming
  • State Management
  • Application Tuning
  • Tracing
  • Security
  • WEB Services
  • Web Parts

Visual Basic .Net

  • Introduction
  • OOPs
  • Exception handling
  • User Controls
  • Multithreading
  • ADO .Net
  • Windows Services
  • Remoting
  • Crystal Reports

Weekdays(Mon-Fri) : 8 weeks

10.00AM to 11.30AM

12.00PM to 01.30PM

02.30PM to 04.00PM

04.30PM to 06.00PM

06.30PM to 08.00PM

Weekend Classes (Sat-Sun): 6 weeks

10.00AM to 04.00PM

Schedule does not suit you?