Game Development Training in Trichy

Game Development Training

You heard it right. The only institute in Trichy to teach and train the students about developing the games. Developing games have always been one of our dreams and glad we are training students on that vertical. We bet no one can train students game development with the price that we offer.

Why Game Development?

  • It’s UNIQUE.
  • Most of us hate coding but no one can hate gaming and creating games.
  • This is a fun way to learn and create a lot of stuff.
  • Most of the Engineering crowds will be having JAVA and .NET entries in their resumes. Even if they don’t know them. So are you the one of the thousands regular candidate?
  • The pay for a game developer is way too high. You wouldn’t even have imagined the salary you are going to get if you know gaming technology.
  • Learn the best ever Game Engine to develop your first game.
  • Design Experts Education is the only Game development and Training company in Trichy.
  • We are using the best ever Game Engine called Unity3D to create the games and all the physics mechanisms are handled by Unity3D.
  • Trainer from a corporate will be handling the game development sessions.
  • Affordable cost so that anyone can learn gaming.
  • How people are earning from their games and how to earn from your game and several other tips and tricks will be shared.
  • Shortcuts to create games even if you don’t want to code anything.
  • Dude that is possible with Design Experts!
  • The world has seen Angry birds, Flappy bird,k Temple run, Candy Crush and what’s next it’s your Game buddy!


  • History
  • Introduction to game development
  • 2D &3D. Game engines
  • Unity 3D basics
  • Basic programming C#
  • Make flappy bird
  • Physics and Input
  • Cameras and graphics
  • Ui and scene management
  • Make infinite runner 2D
  • Performance optimisation
  • Publishing to get Google Play store
  • Google play games integration /leaderboard
  • Admob Google ads integration /making money
  • Marketing your game
  • Further steps

Weekend Classes (Sat-Sun): 6 weeks

10.00AM to 04.00PM

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