Our History

Some of our works related to Education

Design Experts Education is committed to enhance the quality and the way of learning. We have developed some applications for the betterment of learning process and easing the way of handling education related stuff. We have not only developed applications for Engineering students, we have developed for school students who are preparing for NATA (National Aptitude Test for Architecture), We developed a school management software which reduces the amount of papers used to run the schools and so on.
  • Eduquiz:This is a template that we have created and which can be used for any exam related purpose like objective, quizzes, MCQs and so on. People who are preparing for competitive exams, board exams or any other objective type exams can simply use this.
  • I-Arch Nata preparation App:This app has been developed for one of the NATA training institutes and we have developed an app for them which can be used to prepare the national level entrance exam for architecture.
  • Gurukulam:This is a school management software developed by us which helps in managing the school operations in a smarter way and engages the parents, teacher and students easily.
  • 2 Marks app for Engineering Students (Anna University): This is the latest app that we have developed for the engineering students to prepare for the two marks. We know it would be a pain to take numerous printouts and photocopies of two marks. That's both paper and money consuming process. We decided to reduce both and developed this app. This app has all the core subjects for CSE department and it will be implemented to the rest of the departments as well.