About Us

About Us

Design Experts Education is one of the leading and best IT training centres in Trichy. Design Experts Education is taken care by Design Experts. Having a wide range of experience in IT and IT enabling services we have decided to educate and provide proper guidance to the students who want to master the skills and excel in their professional career.

We don’t just train you on several verticals, we are determined to do what your Engineering College and Engineering syllabus failed to do. Become a real Engineer with Design Experts Education.

Mobile app development, Web Designing, Web application development, server side scripting, Automation, Open source Softwares, Game Engines, Databases, programming languages, career guidance, counselling anything else which will make you better in your professional aspect, Design Experts Education is the only destination for YOU!

What’s so special about Us?

Below are the reasons why you should choose Design Experts Education:
  • We never insisted on theory
  • We are not just faculties, we are your friends to help you grow
  • Our training and trainers are up to date
  • We not just give the certificate, we will provide you with the knowledge and your knowledge will provide you with the career opportunities.

Our Mission

Our renowned coaching programs will help you to:
  • Get better understanding of the technology
  • Understand how the software industry works and its needs
  • Stimulate the Engineer in YOU
  • Build a self-confidence which will help you in a longer term